Friday, August 12, 2022

Runner’s High: Cannabis-Infused Jogging Club In Denver

You know that tired trope about lazy stoners, couch-locked and eating sleeves of Oreos while watching SpongeBob SquarePants reruns? Please, for the love of God, put that in the dustbin of history. More and more cannabis consumers are marrying their love for herb with exercise.

A new club in Denver is taking this concept to a new level. The Runner’s High Run Club, as the group bills itself, will begin a weekly fun run beginning at the Native Roots Highlands.

“We’re really excited to create a new community for cannabis enthusiasts and runners to unite,” Stratos’ Kate Heckman said in a statement. “Whether it’s applying a cannabis salve to sore muscles, relaxing with cannabis after a run or using CBD to decrease inflammation after a long workout, cannabis can support athletic training in so many ways.”

According to the club’s Eventbrite posting:

Runner’s High Run Club is a first-of-its-kind club that will unite cannabis enthusiasts and runners. The club offers two routes to choose from: the Sativa route, 4.20 miles in length, and the Hybrid route, 2.10 miles in length.

Each week, participants will receive special offers from run club organizers, Stratos and Native Roots, and each run concludes with a post-run celebration with special discounts from Highland Tap and Burger.

For each completed run in the summer series, participants will receive exclusive day-of discounts from Stratos or Native Roots and a stamp in their Runner’s High Run Club log to earn prizes, discounted products, and special recognition for miles logged.

The Runner’s High Run Club will meet weekly every Thursday through the summer/fall, weather permitting.

The club makes it clear that “no public consumption of cannabis” is allowed during the event.

“Native Roots has a large number of patients and customers who maximize their workouts with cannabis, and we are thrilled to be able to offer an opportunity to bring them together with this run club,” says Sarah Larson, associate director of retail operations for Native Roots.


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