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15 Hipster Foods You Love And Their ’80s Equivalent

Is food even food if someone’s not around to photograph it? Back in the 1980s, there were Polaroids, but no cell phone cameras —  or cell phones. But believe it or not, food existed somehow. And it wasn’t that much different than it is today.

Instead of hipsters, there were Gen-Xers who got off on eating sugary and overly processed foods to numb themselves to the hard truth that Netflix didn’t yet exist. Today’s consumers are way more health and image conscious; packaging matters as much as the taste, if not more. Back in the “Decade of Excess,” it was all about flavor and sugar dosing. What else was there to do in the 80s besides crash? Here are 15 “hipster” foods and their 1980s equivalent.

2017: Avocado Toast

1980s: Bagels And Cream Cheese

The combo was the best thing you ever ate.

2017: Craft Beer

1980s: Wine Coolers

Nobody was cooler than Bartles & James.

2017: Overnight Oats

1980s: Granola

And not just sprinkled atop acai bowls as a garnish. Like, and entire bowl dedicated to granola. Back then, it was considered “hippy food.”

2017: Smoothie Bowl

1980s: Yogurt Parfait

2017: Vegetable Chips

1980s: Flavored Popcorn

If someone really liked you, they’d give you a sampler bucket.

2017: Freeze-Dried Fruit

1980s: Fruit Roll-Ups

2017: Sweet Potato Fries

1980s: Potato Skins

“What are calories?” — 1980s.

2017: Toast

1980s: Bran Muffins

This was the go-to to-go breakfast in the 80s mainly for its health benefits, because fiber.

2017: Jackfruit

1980s: Steak-Umms

Unlike jackfruit, Steak-Umms were not a vegan meat substitute. But like jackfruit, the stuff couldn’t really be classified as meat.

2017: Fro-Yo

1980s: Frozen Yogurt

Same thing, just more gummy bears.

2017: Sriracha

1980s: Ranch Dressing

It made everything taste better.

2017: Balsamic

1980s: Raspberry Vinaigrette

It was on every spinach salad that was ever born in the 80s. Most of the time, those same salads already contained fruit, usually strawberries or the always classy dried cranberries.

2017: La Croix

1980s: New York Seltzer

2017: Cereal Milk Ice Cream

1980s: Jell-O Pudding Pops

Back when they had a more positive connotation.

2017: Pressed Juices

1980s: Capri Sun

The original pressed juice.


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