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5 Common Lies Women Tell On The First Date

Lying to strangers and potential dating partners is pretty common and kind of understandable. We always want to present our best self with people we’re just meeting, especially if we’re attracted to them and on a first date.

These white lies or half truths are cool and part of the dating ritual, so don’t fret. Everyone does this. Popsugar gathered some of the most common lies that women tell on the first date. Check them out:

Their Workout Habits

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Women face a ton of pressure when it comes to their looks, so pretending that they work out more than they actually do is pretty common. Exercise is a symbol of an organized and put together person, so you can’t blame anyone for lying when it comes to that.

Their Availability

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She may lie about her plans and make it seem like she’s very busy, trying to keep up the mystique and the chase.

They Have A Sudden Emergency

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If you’re on a first date and the girl you’re with suddenly says that her friend really needs her then she’s probably lying to get out of there.

Their Vacation Time

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She may gloss over the fact that her last trip was a weekend getaway instead of a week long vacation to try to make her stories more interesting and appealing.

Their Last Break Up

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If you ask her about her previous relationship, she may gloss over the ugly details of the break up, or maybe pretend that she’s a little happier than she really is. Still, the fact that she’s out on a date means that she’s trying to get over that relationship and she’s ready to move on.


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