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5 Reasons Why It Sucks Christmas Is On A Sunday This Year

The major holidays—Christmas, the Jewish High Holy days, Easter, New Year’s, Thanksgiving are the most important days of the year not just because of the religious and cultural significance they represent but also because they get you out of work. Here are the five reasons why it sucks that Christmas this year.

1. No Extra Time Off


As we just noted, the extra time off around the holidays is part of what makes them so special. You can add an extra day or two to your trip, or just enjoy the additional time by yourself.

2. You Can’t Use Sunday as a Recovery Day


Sure, some employers will give you Monday off, but had Christmas fallen on Thursday or Friday you’d have a whole two days to recover. Plus, Sundays are designed as days of recovery/preparation for the hell to come–why else would it be a day filled with professional football games and prestige dramas and comedies on premium cable?

3. Hangovers


For many of us, returning home for the holidays means going out for old high school and neighborhood friends for drinks. More often than not such outings result in terrible hangovers. With Christmas falling the day after the best drinking day (Saturday), this is a recipe for a hangover that you’ll then have to suffer through as you deal with dozens of repetitive questions from different family members. No thanks.

4. Church


If over the years you’ve become adept at making excuses to miss Christmas Eve or Day church ceremonies, you’re likely shit out luck when the big day falls on an actual Sunday. If you do think of a good excuse to get out of it, please let me know at taylor@thefreshtoast.com

5. The Realization That a Sunday Christmas Also Means a New Year’s Day on Sunday


Damn. At least Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday, I guess.

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