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5 Reasons Why Waiting For Sex Can Be Good For A New Relationship

There’s nothing wrong with having sex with someone you’re attracted to, no matter if it’s the first or fifth date. Finding someone to have a serious relationship can be hard nowadays, so waiting to have sex with them can offer big rewards, even if you think this is an antiquated or old-timey solution.

Having sex with someone you like can hurt your feelings, especially if the relationship never takes off. If you’ve been there and feel like not going through that again, maybe this unorthodox choice can provide the solution you need. Whatever the reason, here are 5 reasons why waiting to have sex might work for you:

You Can Discover If You Really Like The Other Person

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Sex can complicate dating, making you not know if someone is going out with you because they want to sleep with you or because they’re looking for something more serious. By eliminating sex from the equation (for a little while at least) you’ll know if something is worth pursuing and if you’re really attracted to this person. 

You Can Build A Strong Emotional Bond

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Knowing someone before you have sex with them makes the act more important and enjoyable, because it deepens a connection that’s already there. If you take time to become friends and to trust this person, the relationship will become more intimate and strong.

You’ll Appreciate Every Touch And Glance

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The fact that you’re not having sex with this person will make sex even more appealing and desirable, and it’ll also make you value each touch and glance a lot more. Kissing and holding hands will be more rewarding than usual. In conclusion, you’ll feel like a high schooler, which is not that bad. 

Emotional Attachment Will Be The Main Focus

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Without sex as a distraction, you and your partner will be able to focus on developing your relationship on an emotional level.

Build Up!!

If you’re attracted to someone, the fact that you won’t be having sex with them will make the wait hard and fun. The moment when you finally have sex will be explosive and awesome, deepening a relationship that’s already well established. 


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