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5 Reasons Why People In A Committed Relationship Might Cheat

People and relationships are complicated, and cheating is more common than you think, affecting one in every three marriages according to statistics from 2017.

5 Cheap Ways To Give Your Partner The Best Valentine’s Day Ever

Valentine's Day can be a very romantic date for couples, but it can put a lot of pressure on the relationship, your significant other, and your pocket.

The Once-A-Week Rule And How It Can Help Your New Relationship

Experts have some advice if you'd like to see the infatuation stage last past the first month: here's the deets on the Once-A-Week Rule.

5 Simple Things All Women Want While Having Sex

While there are some women in the world who are very particular when it comes to their sex life, every woman appreciates simple things.

5 Reasons Why Waiting For Sex Can Be Good For A New Relationship

Waiting for sex with them can offer big rewards in a new relationship, even if you think this is an antiquated or old-timey solution.

4 Tips For Obtaining (And Giving) A Great G-Spot Orgasm

Questions when it comes to the G-spot include where to find it and how to get it to go, which is why we’ve come up with this list.

5 Things Women Should Know Before Trying Out Kinky Sex

Kinky sex is a broad term that can include as many things as you want. For some people it can mean BDSM and roleplay, while for others it's light spanking.

4 Things That’ll Help You Get Through A Nasty Breakup

Here are four things that’ll help you feel better and that'll help you get some much needed perspective on that nasty breakup.


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