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5 Sexy Subscription Boxes Perfect For The Holidays

The holiday season is meant for celebrating; hanging out with your closest friends and family members, and giving and receiving a whole lot of presents. Subscription boxes are the best, because even though they offer special discounts on holiday season, they’re also a year long deal. It’s the definition of a gift that keeps on giving. In a good way.

There are subscription boxes for all things, for your pets, for a book lover, for people who love clothes, etc. Let’s talk about the sexy ones because SEX.

Check out these 5 sexy subscription boxes that are so worth your time:

The Fantasy Box

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These subscription boxes are advertised as the ultimate companion for a date night, providing you with all the fun and sexy elements you may need. They come with themes and instructions, so that each box ends up pushing you a little bit out of your comfort zone and making the night very special.


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Unbound has developed some really cool Naughty & Nice boxes that are perfect for some holiday themed sex, providing the best supplies and sex toys you can think of, including lingerie, lubricants and more.

Adore Me

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This subscription box includes lingerie that’s perfectly designed for your body, making you look and feel super sexy. By taking a quiz, you can explain what you like and the website will provide the option that suits you best.

Spicy Subscriptions

This website provides a monthly box of sexy things that include candles, oils, toys, and many other romantic items that will spark up your sex life.

The Pleasure Pantry

The Pleasure Pantry relies on your input to send you especially tailored Pleasure Packages every month, including different items that are guaranteed to surprise you each time.


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