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5 Tips To Help You Have The Best Staycation

Staycations have become a popular way of taking advantage of your time off, while saving money. Here are some tips that can help you make the most of it.

Traveling is the best, exposing you to hundreds of things that will automatically make you a more interesting person. The downside is that traveling is also expensive and laborious, requiring you to do research and to spend money on hotels, transportation, plane tickets, etc. Things can get pretty stressful when looking for your ideal vacation spot.

If you’re feeling burned out and don’t have the mental energy and money to go on a trip, you can take a staycation, which is just a cheesy way of saying that you’ll be taking some time off work and staying at home. While it’s cool to get to know new cultures and to experience new things, there’s nothing more relaxing than doing nothing at all.

Here are five tips that will allow you to have the best staycation ever:

Get to know your own town

The day to day stressors from work and our routines keep us from doing the things we’ve always been curious about doing, especially if these activities and places are located near you. Take this opportunity to do that thing you’ve been meaning to do for forever, like having a picnic at a park you never go to or taking a run through a cool neighborhood you don’t spend much time in.

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Take a lot of naps

Unlike vacations, staycations allow you to nap and rest for hours on end. Sleep and watch TV, and don’t worry about putting boundaries on your fun and relaxation. Practice a little bit of doing nothing and give yourself permission to be free of the anxiety that comes when we’re bored and wasting time.

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Try out different restaurants

You’d be surprised by the amount of local food spots you never visit because there’s the never time for them. Do your research and visit a few of these spots. You won’t be on vacation forever.

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Look up fairs and events

If you’ve had enough of your relaxation time and are growing antsy because you’re doing nothing, look up local events and fairs that are going on around the area. These events tend to be relatively cheap and in some cases free, allowing you to hang out with some people and experience something new.

Photo by Hannah Morgan via Unsplash

Take your time and do things slowly

When going through this list and checking off activities, remember to enjoy yourself and your time off. Drink your coffee slowly, go on leisurely strolls, take your time to read, etc. By the time you get back to work you’ll be feeling like a completely different person.

Photo by Manki Kim via Unsplash


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