Monday, March 4, 2024

Almost Half Of Millennials Would Prefer To Give Up Sex Instead Of Amazon

In a ranking that includes Amazon, sex, and alcohol, Amazon wins. Despite our culture’s obsession with booze and sex — both having inspired millions of songs, movies, and books — Amazon, a development of the modern world, is the thing that a large part of Millennials treasure the most. It’s terrifying, but is it surprising?

Millennials are an adjusting generation, one that’s had to live in a world that’s changed a lot and that doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon. The fact that younger generations have thousands of sources of stimulus from all directions means that their attention is split, and sometimes this can affect the things humans used to treasure the most.

An in-depth study of the “sex recession” conducted by The Atlantic confirmed that we’re having less sex than ever due to a mixture of facts; the world is becoming a more stressful place even if we can’t pinpoint the source. Dating is more complicated than ever, with apps that perpetuate a “hook up” culture that doesn’t leave much room for hooking up. There’s also the fact that a large part of Millennials are having trouble making ends meet.

The study, conducted by Max Borges Agency, concluded that 44 percent of Millennials would rather give up sex than give up Amazon for a year. Of those surveyed, 77-percent would choose Amazon over alcohol. These results were gathered from polls conducted on 1,108 people with ages ranging from 18 to 34. All of the survey participants had bought consumer-tech products on Amazon over the last year, ensuring that the people who were surveyed were active members of the Amazon community.

Despite all the controversy surrounding Amazon and Jeff Bezos, the company is still one of the most beloved in the country, giving special treatment to their members and making them value their Prime accounts. Amazon owns Whole Foods and is now opening up stores that also give out special treatment to Prime costumers. The company has also produced dozens of movies and shows, seeping into our brains in ways that are imperceptible to us.

Even though quitting sex for online shopping sounds ridiculous, the thing we have to wonder is why we live in a culture where one company looms so largely over our lives.


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