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Amazon Has A Mirror That Shows How You Look In Virtual Clothes

Amazon is a reliable source of fashion; a place where there’s access to expensive and affordable brands and where people can buy clothes, shoes and jewelry, all in one place. The company expressed their interest in the fashion industry further when they introduced the Echo Look, a device that uses the Alexa voice software to help you style your outfits. This version of Alexa does everything that the original Echo does, with the addition of taking videos and photos that focus on your outfits. It also allows you to create look books, comparisons between outfits, fashion advice, and more.

While this idea of a blended reality mirror is only on its patent stages, the invention could be used to take the Echo Look further and to greatly improve the technology of augmented reality, an area that’s been mostly limited to our smartphones. This would-be mirror demonstrates some really impressive developments, using a mix of displays, cameras, and projectors to craft a blended image that’ll be projected onto the mirror’s surface. The device would scan your surroundings and then your eyes, to determine which objects you’ll see on display.

The Verge reports that last year Amazon acquired Body Labs, an AI enhanced software that can create 3D models of human bodies in motion, and dress them in virtual outfits. If Amazon were to follow through on all of these developments and software, we’d be left with a mirror that can improve online shopping, save us time, and help us cope with our boredom. The really cool thing here is that this technology exists, and the potential doors it can open when it comes to different sources of augmented reality in our homes.


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