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April Is The Perfect Time To Find Hungry Alligators Prowling Florida Streets

There’s always a time of the year in Florida when alligator sightings become more common, all with an added dose of strangeness. These alligators have a knack for appearing in the most unlikely spots, like under parked cars, outside county jails and within pools and homes.

Turns out there’s a couple of factors at work—a steamy concoction of horniness and heat. A bad combination of things, much more frightening when applied to scary reptiles with hundreds of teeth at their disposal.

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According to experts, warm weather and the fact that it’s mating season for alligators makes these animals more likely to move around, looking for food and possible mates.

“They have to find some food so that’s when we’ll find them on sidewalks and people’s pools. They’re really just out there browsing around,” says Brian Norris, a representative from Florida Fish and Wildlife.

Among the many alligator sightings that have been reported throughout the season, there’s a 300-pound big boy who snuck inside a fenced pool, an alligator napping under a car conveniently parked outside a buffalo wings joint, and an ancient three legged giant who weighs 650 pounds and is estimated to be in his 60’s.

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We know winter is ending and beach season is just taking off, but if you value your safety you might want to steer clear of Florida.


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