Wednesday, July 17, 2024

‘Avengers: Infinty War’ Trailer Analysis: Needs More Chris

The expectations for Avengers: Infinity War—the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s long-brewing endgame to collect all of our favorite superheroes into one movie—couldn’t be higher. While seeing Joss Whedon’s original Avengers onscreen was pure ecstasy for fanboys, this property will be a true cultural event.

Put simply: We won’t see only two of Marvel’s Chrises in one movie—we’ll see all three.

That Marvel would attempt to corral so many members of the most powerful name in Hollywood within their cinematic universe seemed a very foolhardy proposition when they announced their intentions. The Chris Wars—the battle of supremacy between Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, Chris Hemsworth, and Chris Pine—has gestated longer than your parents’ marriage and some wars.

Not only will the movie give us three of those Chrises together, but Marvel will raise the ante but slapping beards on all these guys. That’s right—we’re getting bearded Captain America.

Around six months rest between now and the release of this movie, so we’ll have plenty of time for further analysis and speculation. Our primary concern at the moment, though, is simple: How hard must we petition to throw in the fourth Chris—Chris Pine—into this film?

DC has no need for him anymore because, spoiler alert, they killed his character off in Wonder Woman. Do what DC couldn’t, Marvel. Resurrect Pine and put him in the movie. Only then could the movie accomplish its goal of playing out the true Infinity War (the Chris Wars) once and for all.


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