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NFL’s Josh Gordon Admits To Making $10,000 Selling Marijuana

Josh Gordon, the on-and-off suspended and one-time prodigal Cleveland Browns wide receiver, hasn’t been hiding.  Since being reinstated by the NFL following a multi-year absence related to substance abuse, Gordon has instead offered radical transparency in divulging the details that led to his fall from grace and battles with addiction.

His latest telling of truth? Gordon told Sports Illustrated he collected about $10,000 through marijuana sales while in college.

Via Sports Illustrated:

Gordon said that as a sophomore at Baylor, he was “receiving as much as six pounds of weed—vacuum-sealed and wrapped in Mylar, sprayed with kerosene and covered in coffee beans to mask the smell, shipped through U.S. mail—every week from a dealer back home.” He then would drive to Dallas, Austin and San Antonio to sell it.

“If I was going to be a thug or a gangster, I was going to be the best gangster out there,” Gordon said.

Gordon hasn’t seen an NFL playing field since 2014, his last regular season game. This Sunday he’ll be eligible to play against the Los Angeles Chargers. He is expected to play.

Gordon previously told GQ he was high for every NFL game he’s played. His reinstatement was, in part, because of his sobriety.


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