Friday, December 8, 2023

Hear A Woman Wake From A Nap Screaming During The Symphony

Have you ever been to a concert, one where the music was so good and relaxing that it sort of sent you up into the clouds, sprinkled dream dust in your eyes and cradled you like you were in the starring role of your own lullaby? That’s presumably what happened to one lady who found herself roused from slumber by the rude conductor of California’s North State Symphony orchestra, who didn’t even bother to ask her if it was okay if he picked up the tempo during Stravinsky’s “The Firebird.”

The moment it happens is a hilarious one, as you can hear the woman scream during an uptick in the music’s pace, causing everyone around her to laugh out loud. Like, can you imagine the pure embarrassment this woman must have felt? Was there drool involved?

Music director Scott Seaton, who uploaded this video, found the incident hilarious, even Tweeting about it:

Kudos to the orchestra for not missing a beat:


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