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Best Ways To Detox After Halloween

Halloween is known for spooky things, costumes and eating too much candy. Here are some tips that can help you get your body back on track.

Halloween brings a lot of things to mind, most of them being candy and sweet. October 31 is one of those days where we sort of give ourselves a free pass for overindulging, even if we end up eating all the candy and chocolates within out vicinity. Think of it as a the start to get ready for Thanksgiving. Here are the best ways to detox after Halloween!

Let go of guilt

So you ate everything within reach and now you’re feeling extremely guilty and sorry for yourself. What happened, happened, and the faster you realize that, the faster you can get back on track. Remember that more holidays are coming, opening the door for plenty of temptations. The sooner you get over your Halloween induced stupor, the better off you’ll be.

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Drink tons of water

Water is always important, but even more so when you’re system is packed with sodium, sugar and your body feels super bloated. Drinking water will help you clean your body and make you feel energized, something you’ll need if you had too much food or alcohol the day before.

Don’t skip meals

While some might think that skipping meals is a good idea after you’ve eaten so much the day before, most experts would disagree. In order to keep your metabolism moving, you need to eat. It’s also likely that if you ate a lot the night before, you might also feel some pretty intense cravings as soon as you wake up. Aim for meals that contain veggies and good portions of lean protein. Eat as clean as possible but don’t forget to do it.

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Work out

While working out is the best thing you can do to ease your conscience and put your body back on track, moving around also helps a lot. Try to walk and move more than usual, that way stimulating your digestive system and improving your mood.

Take a 5 day sugar break

If your Halloween indulgences weren’t limited to October 31st, celebrity trainer Jackie Warner believes that taking a 5 day sugar break can be the best way to get you back on track. While explaining the program, she says: “By the third day of no sugar, man are these people grumpy. I can totally tell by Wednesday that they have a habit and they’re craving that sugar. And then by Thursday, Friday, which is the fourth and fifth day, they completely stop that craving for sugar.”

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