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Bill Nye Will Explore The Science Behind Marijuana On Netflix Show

Bill Nye may not smoke marijuana, but he remains supportive of it. And in the newest season of the Science Guy’s Netflix series “Bill Nye Saves The World,” he will dedicate an the first episode explore the history of hemp as well as the pros and cons of marijuana.

Though Nye proclaims he isn’t a fan of marijuana’s smell, he’ll even travel to a dispensary. However, we won’t see Bill Nye the High Guy, as his visit is all done in the name of science.

“Here’s the takeaway….nobody’s really sure how it works, marijuana. Nobody’s exactly sure what it does,” Nye said in an interview with CNET. “So there’s a very strong argument that keeping it as a Schedule I Drug is not based on any science.

“Schedule I means it’s presumed to be addicting and it’s presumed to have no medical value.  But people use marijuana and marijuana extracts for all sorts of medical applications. So you gotta think there’s something to it.”

The second season of Bill Nye Saves The World will air Dec. 29. It will also explore the science behind time travel and cybersecurity, though we’ll be particularly interested in the marijuana-themed season opener.

“The upshot of the show is that nobody’s sure how it works so we got to study marijuana more and really discover what the active ingredients are.”

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