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Chelsea Handler Can’t Stop Discussing Cannabis, Microdosing And Edibles

Earlier this year, comedian and talk-show host Chelsea Handler announced that she had turned to marijuana in hopes of maintaining her sanity during the presidency of Donald Trump. Since then, Handler can’t stop espousing the merits of marijuana to anyone she comes across. She’s even followed in the footsteps of other marijuana-loving celebrities by developing her own line of cannabis products.

If you don’t understand by now, Chelsea Handler really, really loves cannabis.

“I was re-introduced to cannabis once Trump was elected because alcohol was a little bit too on the nose for me and I already abuse it. So I started to use cannabis again because it was becoming legal in the state of California,” Handler told the Vancouver Sun.

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“It changed my life and made things a little more tolerable and a little bit easier. Now with the way they are able to distribute the cannabis and to micro-dose it’s so helpful to so many people. It has opened my eyes to how it can really change lives.”

Handler will soon embark on a seven-city tour where audiences can hear the celebrity get real about cannabis, politics, and the usual musings one expects from Handler. She’s been discussing cannabis at length with numerous Canadian publication so we pulled some of her more interesting observations about the lifestyle and politics of cannabis, and the future of the plant.

Her personal history with marijuana:

I always smoked it casually but I’ve just never been somebody who has a bunch of pot on me and was rolling joints. I don’t want to smoke a whole joint by myself. I’ll smoke when people have it around but for me, the microdose of the edibles has been a game-changer. I take one to go to sleep every night. I’ve been able to minimize sleeping aids in my life and actually take just cannabis to go to bed. Which is so much better for me in the morning. There’s no short term memory loss, you’re not a little slow the next day.

On introducing it to friends:

I have friends who are CEOs of companies, who used to shun it, and now I can’t tell you how many people in my inner circle that it’s changed their way and their outlook. It’s a way of life. It’s something very forward thinking and it’s clearly the way of the future. In the next 20 years, it’ll be as big business as alcohol.

On empowering women to use cannabis:

Women really need to be reintroduced into the cannabis world and be emboldened and empowered to make it part of their lifestyle. (Source)

There’s something for everyone out there. And as a woman I feel very passionately that we need to reeducate women on this cannabis world, and destigmatize all of the labels that go with being a stoner. It’s not like that anymore. It’s much more medicinal. (Source)

On microdosing edibles:

It used to be you took an edible and you would be not right for like a month.


[Now] with edibles, you know what you’re getting. The ratios are there for you to see on the boxes. Everything is listed, from the THC to CBD ratio. It doesn’t mean you’re out for the count for five hours. It’s just a way to get through your day that’s a little bit more pleasant. Everyone’s a little bit funnier, a little bit smarter.

On cannabis and creativity:

[W]hen I’m writing kind of deeper stuff, that’s when I get really creative with use of language. That’s the great thing. There’s pot for creative people. There’s pot for people with anxiety. There’s something for people trying to sleep. Really there are so many options so it’s just about educating people and normalizing it and continuing to have open discussions.


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