Friday, April 3, 2020
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Chinese Companies Are Developing The Hell Out Of Electric Cars

While there are still no flying cars in the foreseeable future, vehicles and the way in which we move from place to place will hopefully change for the better in the coming years. Autonomous vehicles, electric cars, and Hyperloops, are all terms that are being discussed and that we assume we’ll see in our lifetimes, changing the problematic and time consuming ways in which we commute. these companies from all over the world are propelled by the fact that cars are damaging our ecosystem. In short, people are scared.  

China is one of these pioneering countries looking into the development of this technology, having several companies that are developing electric vehicles that are more efficient and less harmful to the planet. Mashable reports that companies such as BYD, the largest producer of battery powered vehicles, are paving the future of China within the automobile industry. Another company such as this one is Kandi Technologies, who recently shifted their entire production into only developing electric vehicles. 

In the US, Elon Musk has also been striving to innovate within the automobile industry, developing electric cars with Tesla and trying to create the world’s first Hyperloop, which will consist of a set of underground tunnels that could facilitate a 29 minute trip from Washington to New York. His company just started to dig tunnels and run trials; let’s see if it happens.

Now if someone would just build a flying car. Or at least a functioning hover board. We’ve already been to the moon guys, it can’t be that hard.

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