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Can Industrial Hemp Make Automobiles More Green?

Hemp can be processed into oils and greases, and unlike petrochemical-based lubricants, hemp is a renewable resource that actually reduces carbon dioxide in the air.

Will The ‘Do Not Disturb’ Function On iPhones Really Save Your...

When iPhone took a giant step last year and included a "Do Not Disturb" auto text function for drivers on its iOS 11, it was assumed the feature would cut down on distracted driving.

Is Legal Cannabis Really To Blame For Increase In Pedestrian Deaths?

About 6,000 pedestrians were killed in auto accidents in 2017, according to a study released this week, marking the second year in a row at fatality numbers not seen in 25 years.

Chinese Companies Are Developing The Hell Out Of Electric Cars

Autonomous vehicles, truly electric cars, and Hyperloops, are things we assume we'll see in our lifetimes, changing the we commute.

Man Points A Gun At Someone Over A Political Bumper Sticker

Edward Burns faces a felony charge after pointing a gun at a democratic activist. It’s strange that statement doesn’t sound strange at all.

Jay Leno Drives A Car Made Out Of Marijuana

When it comes to the hobbies of late-night talk show hosts, everyone knows that Jay Leno is the car aficionado and Bill Maher is the cannabis enthusiast.

400 Pounds Of Weed Discovered In 15 Ford Fusions From Mexico

When it comes to ranking cars by the level of excitement generated, Ford Fusions must be near the bottom of the list. Totally MomCar.

Massages And Aromatherapy: Mercedes Benz Cars Will Be Your Own Private...

Mercedes Benz has also developed some weirder stuff, like their energizing "comfort features," which offer massages and different smells. Wait what?

Bank Loans This Guy $2 Million, He Spends It On Cars...

What would you do with a million dollars? Two million dollars? What if—by some glitch or miracle—you found yourself with real money? It’s a question most have asked themselves and for one Australian law student the answer was simple: blow it all on strippers and cars.

Two Hot Rods Try To DIY Pimp Their Rides

Some people are just made for each other. This week, the stars aligned to bring us two beautiful souls on separate but equally glorious...