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Why Cotton Candy 2.0 Might Be The Best Thing Yet

It’s the most simple treat there is. Spun sugar, also known as cotton candy. Ever heard of it?

Okay, so it’s been around forever and it’s not necessarily newsworthy, but it must share the same PR team as Madonna, The Real Housewives and Carson Daly, because no matter how laughable you think the stuff is, this fluffy novelty is going nowhere.

There is now an entire company out of California that specializes in cotton candy creations.

And while it still tastes like classic cotton candy, they can basically create anything out of it…anything.

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And now, Disneyland is offering its hyper popular Dole Whip in cotton candy form:

But cotton candy isn’t just for eating. It’s bleeding into our everyday lives, from hair color…

…to nail color.

And it comes in many edible forms, like toxic colored ice cream.

And ice cream toppers.

It’s a doughnut flavor, too.

And a bagel flavor. (Yes, bagel!)

It’s a visually stunning, if not completely ridiculous cocktail garnish.

And bubbly sweetener.

It’s even being used to regrow human tissue!

In conclusion, cotton candy is the sugar pro at playing the relevancy game — morphing, changing up outfits, generally rolling with life’s punches and is more awesome than ever.

The end.

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