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Does Vanessa Hudgens Smoke Weed?

Vanessa Hudgens is a successful Disney star who’s grown a holiday Netflix following. Does she smoke weed?

Vanessa Hudgens is one of Disney’s most recognizable faces. Making her breakthrough in the early aughts with the High School Musical series, Hudgens is familiar to many millennials. Recently, she’s made a niche for herself with The Princess Switch, a Netflix holiday movie that is so outrageous that it’s developed a cult following, one that pops up as soon as the weather grows cold.

Does she smoke marijuana?

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In 2014, Hudgens make the news when she decided to go for a run while wearing a weed themed t-shirt. The controversy spiked when, in closer inspection, the shirt said “dank” and bore a striking resemblance to the Disney logo. Very nice. It wasn’t the first time Hudgens was photographed with marijuana-themed shirts.

Does Vanessa Hudgens Smoke Weed
Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Netflix

But a weed shirt, as fun as it can be, doesn’t mean that the wearer smokes it. In 2019, Hudgens made an appearance in the Museum of Weed in Los Angeles, a location that focused on educating the public on marijuana, its history of propaganda, incarceration and science. No cannabis was sold on site, but its purpose was clear.

“The story of cannabis is such a fascinating story to me,” said Hudgens to the Hollywood Reporter. “It’s mind-blowing to me how many people are incarcerated because of non-violent possession. … It’s really important to educate yourself as well, and I think that this museum will kind of debunk this mysticism that’s been around it.”

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While Hudgens hasn’t uploaded a photo of herself smoking weed or the paparazzi hasn’t caught her with a joint or exiting a dispensary, the actress has made her support for the herb pretty clear. After compiling and observing the evidence, we can safely assume that  Hudgens supports weed and that she’s most likely a smoker.


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