Thursday, April 18, 2024

Drunk Man Returns From Future To Warn Us Of Aliens

Bryant Johnson, from Wyoming, who was arrested on the town of Casper for public intoxication and for making a scene.

The Casper Police Department received a complaint at around 10:30 PM from someone in a nearby residence claiming that a man was saying that he was from the year 2048, and that he was sent back in time to prevent an alien invasion. He explained that he was originally meant to travel to the year 2018, which would be the year where aliens would arrive on Earth, and that his purpose was to warn everyone about the incoming apocalypse, convincing them to leave the planet. Obviously, he was ignored, but he kept going on and on saying that he wanted to speak with the town’s president. Some things have changed in the future. 

When the police arrived on the scene and began to question him, Johnson claimed that he was able to travel back in time because aliens had filled his body with alcohol and had made him stand on a pad that sent him to the year 2017. We feel sorry for Johnson, because this is clearly not the year you’d want to travel back in time to.

Officers also noted in the police report that the man had a BAC level of .136, had red and watery eyes, and slurred speech that made it hard to understand what he was saying. Those symptoms are probably the result of all that time traveling.


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