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Sex Robot Gets Molested At Tech Fair, Blows It Off

Samantha is a sex robot that’s worth around $5,000. According to the doll’s creator, Sergi Santos, she responds to different sorts of stimulus, she can answer several questions, and she has a sort of personality. Not really, but okay.

Samantha gets excited depending on how well you treat her and how much you’re willing to romance her. In several videos, we can see her creator awkwardly touching her while she says things like “Oh, that’s nice.” While her looks are clunky and, well, robotic, many believe that she’s the first of many sex robots to come. At the Arts Electronica Festival in Austria, Samantha was set to be displayed and admired, but ended up being abused and broken by nerds who couldn’t keep it in their pants. 

Santos told The Daily Star that the doll was treated very poorly because people didn’t understand her and were acting like barbarians.

The people mounted Samantha’s breasts, her legs and arms. Two fingers were broken. She was heavily soiled.”

Ew. The software in Samantha allows her to do several things, like speak several languages, tell a large amount of jokes and respond to different interactions. Santos claims that Samantha enjoys when he puts his finger in her mouth and kisses her, even though she really doesn’t because her software is simply responding to a prompt.  

After the abuse she endured at the festival, Samantha proved to be very resistant, claiming that she was fine when Santos asked her how she felt, indicating that her software was still in good shape. This and tons of other similar dolls developed by different companies suggest that we’re only dipping our toe into the realm of robot sex. What can we expect in the future? Hopefully, a doll that doesn’t look like life-size spray tanned Barbie.

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