Saturday, December 2, 2023

Fake The Cake: 12 Hacks To Make That Boxed Cake Mix Taste Homemade

There’s a time and a place for cake mixes. And that time and place is usually right here, right now. Unless you’re a professional baker, boxed cake mix has no shame in anyone’s game. Here are 12 ways to fool everyone into thinking you coughed up some serious dough for your instant dessert.

1. Use Hot Water

For chocolate cake, instead of adding room temperature water, add hot water, which will allow the cocoa to “bloom,” thus, creating a more chocolatey flavor. That’s according to Food Network‘s Sunny Anderson.

2. Replace Water With Coffee

Also for chocolate cake, try replacing the water with hot coffee. Coffee and chocolate are a match made in heaven.

3. And Add Two Extra Egg Yolks To The Chocolate Mix

Adding the additional yolks to your batter will make the cake creamier.

4. For White Cake, Use Egg Whites

For white cake mixes, use egg whites instead of whole eggs, which will make the mix fluffier. Just make sure to add one tablespoon of butter per egg yolk removed from the recipe.

5. Make Your Frosting

Frost your cake with homemade buttercream instead of the canned stuff. It’s super easy to make.


6. Use Butter Instead Of Oil

Replace vegetable oil with melted butter and double the amount. It will give the cake a richer, sweeter flavor.

7. Layer Pan With Parchment

Even if it’s nonstick to ensure it’ll come out in one piece.

8. Add Soda 

Replace water with a dark cola, like Coke. The soda will boost the flavor.

9. Add Mayo

Yep. Adding two tablespoons of mayo along with the eggs and water will give your cake a bakery feel.

10. Replace Butter With Greek Yogurt 

For a healthier cake.

11. Add Your Own Flavorings

Like vanilla extract and vanilla powder, especially for vanilla cake mixes, or cinnamon. Extra points for using vanilla powder, because nothing says “homemade” like specs of real vanilla!

12. Make It Vegan

For an ethical cake, replace water with coconut milk (or nut milk of choice), use vegan butter (Earth Balance) instead of regular butter, and egg replacer powder instead of eggs. You’ll be surprised how “not vegan” it tastes. Oddly enough, Duncan Hines frosting is very vegan friendly. Most flavors are dairy and egg free.

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