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Your Ghoulish Guide To 31 October Days Of Streaming Horror Films

Ah, October is suddenly, spookily here. The leaves are changing color. There’s a chill in the air. A breeze scrapes a branch across our window. The lamp flickers and… What the hell was that noise?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year to cut the lights and get cozy for a scary movie. Let our streaming picks be your spirit guide: Odd dates are Netflix; evens are Amazon Prime. Blood-curdling chills are every day of the month!

Oct. 1

Let’s ease into it with a Saturday matinee buddy horror-comedy.

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil: Good ol’ boys get way misunderstood when pesky kids crash their cabin.

Oct. 2

Tusk: A podcast host gets in over his head. Walrus weirdness.

Oct. 3

Event Horizon: Don’t go after missing spaceships on rescue missions years after everyone is presumed dead. Just don’t.

Oct. 4

The Wishmaster: An evil genie escapes from an ancient statue, and makes a mess of everything.

Oct. 5

The Host: A toxic-mutated monster kidnaps a snack bar owner’s daughter.

Oct. 6

Spirit Camp: This is “Friday the 13th meets Bring It On,” says the movie’s description. We’re in.

Oct. 7

The Shrine: Stay away from ancient statues.

Oct. 8

A week in, let’s take a break from the gore to get classic.

Plan 9 From Outer Space: A cult film considered one of the worst, if not THE worst, movie ever made. Not “scary” but scarily bad.

Oct. 9

Zombeavers: Undead woodland creatures and a lot of campiness.

Oct. 10

The Voices: Ryan Reynolds and evil talking pets. Adorable horror ensues?

Oct. 11

Alright, you’ve had your break. Let’s get back at it with the watch-through-your-fingers horror.

Hush: A deaf writer lives alone in the woods, miles from the nearest neighbor. Until that neighbor gets axed and shit gets real.

Oct. 12

After Dark: Why are these kids always going to the woods for spring break? Stop that!

Oct. 13

Darkroom: When you’re fresh out of rehab, of course taking a job in a mansion home to evil siblings is the logical next step.

(Bonus) 13 Assassins: It’s not Friday, but it is the 13th, and this is about badass samurai warriors so it gets a pass for not being “horror.”

Oct. 14

Don’t Look Now: A trip to Venice for a grieving couple turns out to be anything but romantic.

Oct. 15

Stung: If you have a fear of bees, you’ll want to keep the lights on and the remote handy.

Oct. 16

Avarice: An obnoxious kid unleashes the evil hiding in his attic. God dammit.

Oct. 17

Bound To Vengeance: If you love to root for the good guys, this thriller about a woman escaping from a predator’s basement is your jam.

Oct. 18

The Unbroken: Creepy little boys appearing in mirrors? Major “nope.”

Oct. 19

Holidays: Eight short, festive and horror-filled scaries to keep your Wednesday curfew. 

Oct. 20

Lake Fear: Your reminder to start hydrating now for Halloween!

Oct. 21

The Exorcist: You gotta watch this classic at least once this season.

Oct. 22

The Clinger: If you’re frantically looking for a Halloween-party date, this’ll make you consider going solo.

Oct. 23

The Houses October Built: Friends building a haunted house get more than they asked for.

Oct. 24

The Occupant: Sometimes rent-controlled Manhattan apartments come with baggage. Like evil, murderous spirits.

Oct. 25

Deathgasm: Plenty of last-minute costume ideas to be had, here.

Oct. 26

Haunted Shore: A small town, a shipwreck, a mysterious woman named Veronica and disappearing young men. Nothing can go wrong for the protagonist here.

Oct. 27

The Babadook: Yes you’ve heard a lot about this one, and yes it is worth your viewing. With the lights on, maybe.

Oct. 28

The Gremlins: Take it way back to 80s Halloween memories with this nostalgia bomb.

Oct. 29

Hellions: Get in the trick-or-treat mood with packs of evil children roaming the neighborhood.

Oct. 30

Hellraiser: True 80s cult classic gore and horror.

Oct. 31

Children of the Corn: Are those kids knocking on your door to be trusted? No. Nope. Never.


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