Friday, August 7, 2020
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Meet The 31-Pound Cat Who Guards A New Hampshire Hotel

New Hampshire is known for a lot of things: granite, Bernie Sanders, living free or dying. Now the state has a new claim to fame: Logan, the 31-pound cat who keeps watch over the Best Western Silver Fox Inn in Waterville Valley.

Susan and Tor Brunvand, who own the inn, adopted Logan six years ago from a local animal shelter. He was a normal-sized cat at first, the Brunvands told the Associated Press, but he kept eating and growing larger. They had him tested at a local vet to make sure nothing was seriously wrong, but he was, aside from his extreme obesity, a healthy cat. The Brunvands also have two other normal-sized cats, so it’s not like they were over-feeding him or don’t know how to raise animals with healthy BMIs.

“He has a bad metabolism,” Susan Brunvand explained. “Once he did not eat for a month after a fight with a feral cat, but he just lost a pound even though he did not eat.”

Logan gained international fame last week when a guest at the inn posted a video of Logan sauntering through the parking lot and trying, unsuccessfully, to roll his massive body over. The video went viral, and has since been viewed over 30 million times. Not that Logan is too worried about being a cat celebrity or his enormous weight.

“He is one of the happiest, easiest cats I’ve ever had,” Brunvand said. “He doesn’t think he’s fat.”


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