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Goth Crocs Are Here To Ruin Your Life

Years ago, the first Crocs were introduced, haunting our lives with their rubbery sounds and awful looks. Now, a designer is here to make it all worse. Introducing Goth Crocs, which are just black Crocs adorned with spikes, studs and chains.


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Created by Instagram user @garbage_b0y, these Crocs have no partnership with the official brand of Crocs. They’re available for purchase on Etsy, where they’re priced at $240 a pair.

“The shoes are soooo “BAD” that I ended up buying a second pair. And by bad I mean the freshest there ever was. Also, I’ve gotten hella compliments. Love em!” says one pumped up customer.

Despite the legendary unpopularity of the shoes, Crocs is a very large company, selling  sandals, flip flips and more. The traditional Crocs we all talk about are officially called Clogs, which is just the brand’s way of letting us know that they’re in on the joke and that they know how ugly their shoes are. Brand new Clogs with all sorts of designs, patterns and colors cost around $40.

Ugly designer shoes are very popular among costumers, who flock to them for some reason. The uglier and more expensive, the better. Should we all just make our own models of Crocs and earn millions? Glitter Crocs? Camo Crocs? Open-toed Crocs? I’m sure there’s an audience for each and every one of those.

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