Saturday, December 7, 2019
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Harry Potter’s Not Throwing Away His Shot In This Rad Hamilton Mashup

What happens when you combine two of the splashiest scripts and a whole lot of rabid fans? This Harry Potter Hamilton intro, written by Hollis Andrews.

If you listen to the Hamilton soundtrack as if Alexander were Harry, it kind of, almost, totally works. For the uninitiated, Hamilton is about one man’s rise from a poor orphan childhood, through the ranks of his advantaged peers during a dramatic revolution and upheaval of power, to earn a legacy as an influential — albeit controversial — leader of people. The Harry Potter series is… also that.

Things go great for Harry and Hamilton until they both face a formidable foe who shall not be named:

I don’t know if we can call the King of England a “dark lord” but sure, why not. This 12-strong tweetstorm ended on the pivotal question:

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