Here’s How Netflix’s New High-Quality Audio Works

Netflix recently announced a new high-quality audio, which claims to be studio quality. This means that the sound you’ll hear at home will closely resemble what creators hear when they’re editing and producing their programs.

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Audio and video are complex systems. You can check out Netflix’s dev blog for a closer look but, in short, this new tech can distinguish the different variables in your home – internet speed, home theater equipment, and specs of the content you’re watching – in order to produce the best sound possible. It’s similar to Netflix’s HD setting, which adapts to your home and produces some pretty effective results.

Via Netflix’s Media Center:

high-quality audio delivers audio that sounds closer to what creators hear in the studio, so every little detail is captured for a richer, more intense experience. Additionally, if you have bandwidth or device limitations, we’ve made the feature adaptive so that we will deliver the best possible audio to match your capabilities.

In order to experience Netflix’s high-quality audio to the fullest, you need a compatible system. Your TV and speakers should support 5.1 or Dolby Atmos. The latter is more complicated; it’s a feature included with all Netflix premium subscriptions but one that’s only supported on TVs and sound systems capable of streaming Ultra HD. If you’re device is capable of supporting Atmos then you’ll see the Dolby logo next to the title you want to watch.

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Even if your TV isn’t compatible with Atmos and only supports basic 5.1 audio, you should notice some slight audio improvements. This is an upgrade that tries to honor Netflix’s content and that continues to expand on the concept of home entertainment, giving creators a small amount of control over how their content is experienced.