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How To Keep Your Home Warm Without Losing All Your Money

The battle between staying warm and keeping money in your wallet begins when the weather starts to drop and doesn’t end until spring is halfway in—all this depending on your body’s tolerance to cold. The heating bill can get really crazy, especially on those frigid days where all you want to do is stay curled under the blankets.

There are several things you can do to maintain the heat inside your house. You can insulate your home, wear more layers, and stock up on more blankets and candles. Check out four things you can do in order to keep your home warm during the worst days of winter:

Insulate your home

Hot air rises and cold air falls. So it’s important to know how to properly insulate your home and windows before you get to work. Popular Science recommends converting your home into a vertical heat blower, “slowing the drift of hot air upwards, allowing cool air to sink down, and getting the most out of heat sources.” You can check out a step by step guide to insulating your home here.

Use your curtains wisely

Thermal curtains are very helpful during the winter, keeping the cold outside and the heat inside. It’s also important to know your windows and to take advantage of the sun. Keep your sunny windows open while your shady ones closed, allowing for natural sunlight to make its way into your house.

Move your furniture around

Even if it’s nice to have your couch near your radiator because it feels like a little fireplace, it’s important to allow the heat to move around the house and not to block it directly. Keep your curtains, clothes, and furniture away from heat sources so hot air can circulate freely inside your house.

Keep your body warm

Using multiple thin layers is a great way of keeping your body comfortable and warm, trapping air and insulating your body. This is an effective way of maintaining warmth since it’s easily controllable, allowing you to remove or add layers depending on the temperature. You can apply this reasoning when you sleep as well, stocking up on blankets and maintaining your body warmth during the nights.


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