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How To See The Glorious Perseid Meteor Shower This Weekend

Meteor showers are some of the universe’s most welcoming astronomical occurrences. To see this phenomenon, you don’t need to be located at the top of a mountain, use a telescope or wear eye protection. Meteor showers simply require some patience and for you to be in an area where there’s not a lot of pollution. Okay, so maybe seeing a meteor shower isn’t so easy after all.

If you’re one of those privileged few who don’t live their lives surrounded by constant smog and smoke, the Perseid meteor shower is a beautiful event that you won’t want to miss. Expected to peak during this weekend, August 12 and 13, this meteor shower will allow you to see over 60 meteors streaking through the sky.

NASA explains that the people who’ll have the best views will be the ones located within mid-northern latitudes. ”You should be able to see some meteors from July 17 to August 24, with the rates increasing during the weeks before August 12 and decreasing after the 13th,” said a spokesperson for NASA.

If you’re in a rural area, it’ll be much easier to catch these meteors, but there’s still hope for those who lives in cities or suburbs. Mashable claims that it’s easier to catch the meteors if you go to a place that’s dark, like a park. If you live in New York then you’re kind of screwed and will have to settle with watching the livestream online. Sorry.

The best time to catch the meteor shower live is from 11 p.m. EST  on August 12 until dawn the next morning.


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