Sunday, February 23, 2020
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There’s Now An Oscar For Most Popular Film And The Internet Is Not Having It

In an effort to gain more viewers, the Academy Awards is trying to appeal to the masses by creating a new category for the most popular movie of the year. If you didn’t watch the awards show last year, you’re not alone. The 2018 Academy Awards was the lowest ranked telecast on record. Ouch.

Other measures that’ll be added to the Oscars this year include the promise of a shorter and more entertaining program that will only last three hours. The Oscars have always been unpredictable with their run time, with one memorable show in 2002 that ran for a whopping 4 hours and 20 minutes. In order to control the length of the program, the Academy announced that some of the awards will be skipped and that an edited clip of the winners will be aired later on in the broadcast.

While it’s true that the Oscars need to adapt to a world where people no longer care about them, creating a new category for popular films doesn’t seem like the correct way to lure in more viewers. This new category will only contribute to the separation of prestige cinema and Blockbusters, implying that movies can’t simultaneously be popular and worthy of the proper recognition.

Giving an award to the most popular movie is sort of like giving an award to someone because you feel pity for them or something. You’re not the best movie of the year, you’re just the most popular one. Congratulations.


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