Wednesday, October 4, 2023

How To Spend Black Friday If Shopping Sounds Crazy

If you’re among the lucky ones who doesn’t have a retail or service industry job demanding you run crowd control on a nightmare shopping day, you probably have Black Friday off. That’s pure bliss — unless all of your friends are working, or are part of the hoards of holiday shoppers.

In the spirit of turning your apartment into a bunker to avoid the outside world for the day after Thanksgiving, we’ve got you. Here are a few ideas for how to spend the day.

Get Super High, Duh


You’re full to the brim from the Thanksgiving feast and ended up with quite a few Danksgiving leftovers, edible and otherwise. What better time to start experimenting with wacky food combinations than when you have a fridge full of mix-and-match options at your disposal?

Get Steamy In Bed

While everyone’s out hitting the mall at the crack of dawn, enjoy the peace of a quiet apartment and get re-acquainted with your sweetie or most recent cuffing season buddy. Check out our guide for inspiration: “15 Super-Hot Sex Ideas To Celebrate Marijuana Legalization.”

Start A New Tradition


Ever heard of Pie Night? No? Then start carving a new notch in your belt, because a potluck for pie is too good to pass on. Read more about this tasty tradition and others, here.

Binge On Feel-Good Vibes

This year is almost over, thankfully — 2016 has been rocky for many of us. Start stockpiling happy vibes to face the last month of the year. Watch hero cyclists battle blobs, this guy chug a gallon of pumpkin spiced latte and survive (we think), or these cool cats who are so ready to chill. Whatever existential or literal hangover you’ve got from yesterday will disappear.

Do Your Homework


Now that recreational marijuana is legal in several states, it’s likely that yours is either one of them, or soon to follow suit. Whether you’ve never partaken, it’s been a while, or you’re just in need of a refresher, there’s much to learn. Start reading up on the laws, etiquette, and what’s right for your personal needs in the Fresh Toast HighWay section. You’ve got a whole, peaceful day off to do it.

Make a game plan

Now that you know what kind of high you’re seeking or what’ll heal what ails ya, head to the Fresh Toast directory of retailers and dispensaries near you. One or two might even be offering special deals on this Black Friday. Or do it tomorrow. It’s Friday, after all.


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