Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Lance Herbstrong Releases “Ripped” Featuring Big Daddy Kane

Here’s the premise of the new time-travel film Ripped: Two hippie buddies from 1986 smoke secret CIA marijuana that causes them to pass out for 30 years. The Rip Van Winkles awake in 2016 and must navigate how society’s changed since Reagan was president.

Though older (and fatter), the buddies haven’t lost any of their enthusiasm. They decide to take cannabis entrepreneurship to the next level in our more carefree present day. The film is directed by Brad Epstein, who co-wrote the script with Billiam Coronel. Ripped stars Russell Peters and Faizon Love as the two time-traveling stoner buds.

But Ripped also showcases the popular mashup act Lance Herbstrong. We’re happy to premiere the band’s first original song titled “Ripped,” which also features Big Daddy Kane. Lance Herbstrong performs the song in the film and also appears throughout.

Lance Herbstrong has performed with various other acts live, including Perry Farrell, Massive Attack, members of Slightly Stoopid, Brad Wilk of Rage Against the Machine, and Lance Armstrong. Yes, the cyclist Lance Armstrong who provides their namesake and once sat in playing drums with the band.

Ripped premieres in select theaters Friday 6/23 as well as on iTunes and VOD. You can watch the trailer here.


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