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Why We Love Manicures With Marijuana

Freeform, gradient, french, reverse french; these are all different types of manicures and none of them are as original as High Art nails. Louisiana Pham has been doing these nails in California for over two years and since then she’s been growing and developing her network of clients who are into this peculiar look. Her work can be considered high art because they are gorgeous, but also because of the pieces of marijuana leaves in them.


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This trend started because of a client who wanted a different kind of manicure for the marijuana show she was supposed to go to. Pham and her agreed that marijuana cartoons and designs weren’t enough, so they added some bits and pieces of marijuana leaves onto the nails and nail polish. It’s a methodical but simple enough process, where bits of marijuana are added onto the nails with a tweezer or mixed into the nail polish depending on the look that the client is looking for. This weed nail trend has grown in popularity the more marijuana has been legalized throughout the US, and Pham’s business has been replicated by other salons. The one thing she demands is a medical card, so all the cannabis used in her salon is legally purchased. One thing to keep in mind is the area where you live. Even if you’re not consuming cannabis, possession of it is still illegal in some states and having bits of bud on your fingers might not be the best idea. 

If you can’t get enough of nails and nail art, you can always check out “Claws”, the new TNT show that looks like a mix of “Breaking Bad” and “Spring Breakers”. It stars Dean Norris – yeah, from Breaking Bad – and it tells the story of a group of women who use their nail salon as a way to launder their illegal money.

Just remember to get your weed nails done in a state where cannabis is legal. You don’t want to end up like one of the girls from “Claws.” But that show also takes place in Florida, so weed or no weed, they’re screwed either way.


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