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Man Sues Papa John’s For Blowing Up His Phone With Unwanted Texts

You know that feeling when you hear the happy “ding” of a text notification and you run over to your phone only to find out that you just got electronically spammed? A customer by the name of Jonathan Anozie knows this feeling all too well after receiving a bunch of unsolicited text messages from a Papa John’s bot that continuously texted him offers after he bought a pizza last March (hope that was a damn good pie!).

Here’s one of the texts he received, according to court documents:

This Deal>>ANY 2 Large Pizzas up to 5-Toppings orSpecialty for $9.99 each. Code: Text325 Thru 3/27 @http://PapaJohns.com/n. ReplySTOP to cancel.

Anozie says he texted “STOP” but the texts kept coming. And coming.


That’s a huge no-no of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

While there is no word on how many texts Anzonie ultimately received, he’s suing Papa John’s for $500 per annoying text, claiming anxiety and suffering.

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