Thursday, March 23, 2023

Pizza Ordering Tattoos: Now A Thing

The Stunt Queen of pizza delivery is at it again. But instead of pizza box turntables, Pizza Hut has come out with a temporary tattoo that’s preprogrammed with your location and favorite pizza. All you have to do is scan the tattoo and pick up your order at the nearest Pizza Hut or have it delivered to your home.

The catch? Pizza Hut will be giving away just 40 of these tattoos, by way of social media.

As reddit user awilder27 so eloquently puts it:

What a world when you can order grilled cheese stuffed crust directly from the fat on your arm where it will end up.

This is indeed a sticky time for fast-food giants, like Pizza Hut. In fact, while sales are dwindling for just about everyone, Domino’s is the only chain reporting “better than expected” earnings, which increased a whopping 13-percent last quarter from the year prior.

Domino’s CFO, Jeffrey Lawrence, says the company’s year-old loyalty program “significantly” increased orders.

And last year, the chain trotted out a “tweet to order” system that lets users place an order by tweeting a pizza emoji to Domino’s. (Not ideal for new customers).

Pizza Hut came up with this new promotion by combining two of the UK’s most popular past-times: eating pizza and getting tattoos. If you need a visual, here’s how it all works:


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