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Meat Master: 7 Grilling Hacks That Will Change Your Cook-Out Game

It’s that time of year when we dream of outdoor barbecues, sangria and sitting outside ’til dusk do us part. Fantasies are about to be realized because, in theory, summer is almost upon us! Time to clean off the outdoor furniture and dust off your grill — your friends and family are going to have a hard time leaving your backyard this year once you master these grilling hacks straight from the pros.

1. Clean Your Grill With Aluminum Foil

While the grates are still warm, wad up a piece of aluminum foil into a ball and go to town, scrubbing away the built-up proteins that are stuck on. Some also swear by using half an onion to scrub the grill, wherein the oils in the vegetable loosen the grease. Better yet, coat grill with some non-stick spray before you start cooking so the meat won’t stick in the first place.

2. Use Water To Check Propane Levels

Pour some boiling water down the side of your propane tank. Where the tank feels cool to the touch, that’s where the propane is. Here’s a quick tutorial:

3. Add Mayo To Your burgers

By adding 1-2 Tbsp of mayo, or full-fat Greek yogurt, per pound of ground beef, your burgers (both beef and turkey) will turn out super juicy on the grill.

4. Use Cans To Double Your Grilling Space

Yep. Three to four cans — with their ends and labels removed — and an extra rack will let you brown your buns while the burgers finish cooking. It’ll also act as a warmer to keep cooked foods hot.

5. Turn Your Grill Into A Smoker

Some wood chips and foil are the main ingredients here. And of course, a grill. It’s actually much simpler than you probably imagine.


6. Spray Meat With Apple Juice

Professionals will sometimes mist their meat with apple juice (or lemon and vinegar) throughout the cooking process to enhance both the flavor and color.

7. Spiral Cut Your Hot Dogs

Not only do they hold more condiments, they cook evenly and fit into buns perfectly. Plus, they look cool.

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