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Meet The 7-Month-Old Going Viral For Her Luxurious Hair

Baby Chanco's hair is something to marvel at.

Meet The 7-Month-Old Going Viral For Her Luxurious Hair
Photo via babychanco/Instagram

Some of us spend our entire lives trying to reach peak #HairGoals by taking supplements, using a silk pillowcase, and eating foods rich in omega-3s — anything to urge our follicles to ‘get in the game’ and give us a shiny, thick head of hair.

But at 7-months-old, baby Chanco has already achieved this. And she’s got an Instagram account to prove it. As you can see by her photos, she was born with a full mane last December, and it’s only gotten more next-level since then.


While baby Chanco’s hair looks pretty solid, there’s a chance it won’t always be this voluminous (womp, womp). According to Yahoo! Lifestyle:

Because of hormones, some babies are born with plenty of hair, only to lose it in the following weeks. Baby Chanco’s hair may not be lost, but its texture and color could change as she grows.

Of course the texture will change as she gets older! What young girl doesn’t immediately kill her hair’s chance of survival with a can of RAVE or AquaNet as soon as she enters Junior High? Until then, baby Chanco, take care of those locks, girl!

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