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Meme Of The Week: Beyoncé Releases ‘Homecoming’ And The Internet Freaks Out

Beyoncé tends to have better weeks than us mere mortals, but this week in particular has got to be extra special for her. Her Netflix ‘Homecoming’ documentary was released, accompanied by a new album that features her entire Coachella performance, preserved impeccably, forever. You know, that concert that aired over a year ago that made the internet scream for months?

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The Beyhive has always been vocal about their devotion towards their idol and with all of those releases in just one week, there were lots of emotions that had to be dealt with. Can you blame them? Beyoncé makes small appearances on social media, mainly using the internet to break it with the release of something epic, like new albums, a short musical film, or a pregnancy photoshoot.

Many memes and reactions were born, all with the uniting thread of Beyoncé. Check out some of our favorites.

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