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This Is How Much Beyoncé Was Paid For Her Coachella Performance

Beyoncé broke the mold with her Coachella performance, which was televised and experienced from all corners of the globe, causing freak outs among fans, non-fans and every person with a pair of eyes and a functioning social media account.

The concert had everything: interpretative dancing, amazing singing, an awesome band, Jay-Z and freaking Destiny’s Child. It lasted for over an hour and featured a pretty elaborate stage where Beyoncé underwent several costume changes, including an Egyptian-like outfit, a college sorority sweatshirt, and several body suits. There was so much stuff, people had to wonder how much money Coachella spent setting this whole thing up. The answer? A lot.

According to TIME, it’s estimated that Beyoncé was paid over $3 million for one performance. Even though Coachella didn’t directly confirm this amount, in 2014 festivals paid around $4 million for their major performers. In 2017, Paul Tollett, co-founder of Coachella, said that each headliner would earn between $3 to $4 million respectively.

While that’s a lot of money to spend on one performer, Coachella is one of the world’s largest music festivals. According to the Grammy Awards, in 2017 Coachella earned more than $114 million in profits. It became the first recurring music festival to break the $100 million mark in a single year.

While $3 million dollars is a lot of money for most people in the world, for Beyoncé, it’s just another day at the office. In 2017, she was named the highest paid woman in the music industry, earning an average of $105 million a year. Billboard reports that her “Formation” tour made around $256 million in over 49 stops around the U.S. and Europe, averaging out to $5.2 million a night. So she basically just did Coachella a favor. You’re welcome.


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