Sunday, June 26, 2022
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Meme Of The Week: The Heart Rate Meme Is Here To Represent All Of Your Emotions

Nowadays, you can find a meme that expresses every single human emotion. There are also those “one size fits all” memes that are capable of expressing all of your thoughts, from something very relatable to a situation that’s personal and that only a small group of people will understand. These memes go viral faster, covering our entire timelines and driving us crazy very quickly.

The heart rate meme is one of these examples. It’s used to represent things that make you happy, excited or afraid. Basically, anything that gets your blood going, be that when someone text an ominous “we need to talk” or when you can’t feel your phone in your pocket.

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This meme is not the most necessary or thought provoking one but, are any of them? Some versions of the heart rate meme are fun and relatable, more than an excuse for people to play around with slashes and punctuation marks. Here are some of our favorite versions:

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