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Meme Of The Week: Elijah Wood Riding A Scooter

Celebrities need to be wary of what they do out in the open since a perfectly timed photograph can haunt them for the rest of their lives. When Elijah Wood decided to take a ride on a scooter through the middle of a packed festival, he was basically asking the world to transform him into a meme.

The photo captured by author C. Robert Cargill shows Wood looking very happy atop a rental scooter. He’s smoking a cigarette or sucking on a lollipop, while wearing a jean jacket and a really cool shirt with a flower print that makes him look like a happy hippy. The image was taken at FantasticFest, a genre film festival in Austin, Texas, where Wood was working with his production company SpectreVision.

It wasn’t long before the internet took a look at the image and rolled with it, thanking Wood for his happiness in such bleak times, turning the whole thing into a meme, and even sparking a “Lord Of The Rings” debate. Check out some of the best reactions:


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