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Meme Of The Week: Colin Kaepernick’s Nike Ad

Colin Kaeparnick’s partnership with Nike has been controversial to say the least. While the company has earned a lot of money and followers, the announcement and the subsequent ad made the internet really angry, to the point that some users were setting their Nikes on fire.

While most people mocked Colin Kaeparnick’s haters, no one could resist making memes, especially when encountered with a dramatic situation that’s not funny at all. But, you know, the internet is going to internet, and memes are going to happen no matter the subject matter or topic at hand.

The meme is simple: take any public figure, the more controversial and random the better, and add one of their quotes over a dramatic black and white photo of their face. Thanos, Dwight from “The Office”, Cher, Britney Spears and other pop culture icons make some guests appearances. Check out some of our favorites.


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While some might think that the memes are mocking Nike and its penchant for dramatic advertising, the truth is that the posts have only contributed to the conversation. According to CNBC, Nike’s shares hit a record high of $83.90 this past Thursday. Maybe all companies could use the help of “meme-able” content.



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