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Meme Of The Week: Moon Blob Is Stupid But We Like It

Good and positive things are hard to come across nowadays on the internet, which has become a space filled with depressing news and end-of-the-world scenarios. The moon blob is one of these rare and positive things. A meme that’s pure escapism, that doesn’t mock anyone or anything, and that isn’t feeding on our collective misery. I’m kind of into it.

What is the moon blob? Well, it’s name doesn’t give away much but it suggests that the meme is a little stupid. The moon blob is a sort of malleable and personalized emoji, that results in cute and funny tweets. Mashable reports that the meme made it’s first appearance mid-June on the form of this tweet.

By using the different moon emojis this person created a figure that’s leaning out or peeking behind a wall while smiling. It’s kind of creepy and innocent, like Casper or something. A lot of hard work and understanding of the physics of emojis resulted in this guy, who looks like it’s dancing to a Michael Jackson song.

While a lot of people don’t know what the original post means or tried to express, they borrowed the figure and added their own personal touches, such as the fact that sometimes we become the moon blob when we scarf down cheese at 3 in the morning.

Or, when we encounter an unexpected demon (For the moon blob to work properly, it demands a little bit of your imagination).

The moon blob can reflect real life.

Or fiction.

It can also be used to tribute adorable cinematic masterpieces.

Or that weirdly famous photo-shopped cat.


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