Thursday, November 30, 2023

The 5 Best Game Show Moments of 2016: Memes, Gynos, and Drake

Live game shows have always been the perfect medium for wonderful unscripted moments. No shows are better for such highlights than Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune. Both feature regular people unused to being on television competing for cash, which of course makes them nervous, giddy, and more likely to shout out something they otherwise would never dream of saying, and both are hosted by quick-witted men who have seen it all and occasionally can’t stop themselves from letting loose a too-easy insult about one of the contestants. Below are five of the best moments from the two shows this year.

Alex Trebek Raps “Jumpman”

One of Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek’s greatest strengths is his deadpan delivery, and at no time is that more evident than when he’s reciting rap lyrics, as he did in October when he recited “Jumpman, jumpman, jumpman, them boys up to something’/ Uh, uh, uh, I think I need some Robitussin” from Drake’s 2015 collaboration with Future.

Wheel of Fortune Contestant Incorrectly Guesses “Professional Gynecologist”

Earlier this week, two contestants named Britney and Rhonda tried to guess a two-word occupation, the first word of which is clearly “Professional” and the second word has a 11 letters and begins with a “G” and ends with a “T.” The duo guessed “Professional Gynecologist,” which doesn’t even fit. “I knew that was coming,” host Pat Sajak responded dryly. The correct answer, in case you were wondering, was “Professional Genealogist.”

Sleater-Kinney Was An Answer on Jeopardy!

It’s always fun when smaller musical acts get a shout-out on such a big show, so it was nice to see the legendary Pacific northwest indie group Sleater-Kinney on Jeopardy! earlier this year.

Alex Trebek Brutally Owns Contestant

In October, contestant Susan Cole explained on-air to Trebek her love of nerdcore rap, which she said was one of her favorite hobbies. “I think it’s very fun,” she said. “It’s called nerdcore hip-hop. It’s people who identify as nerdy rapping about the things they love: video games, science fiction, having a hard time meeting romantic partners. It’s really catchy and fun.”

“Losers in other words,” Trebek replied. Brutal.

Wheel of Fortune Contestant Solves Puzzles With Only One Letter On the Board

In March, Wheel of Fortune contestant Robert Santoli somehow solved “Port & Starboard” with only one letter–the “D”–on the board. Later, he solved “Oh What a Night” with only three letters on the board, and “Don’t Let the Cat Out of the Bag” with only Ts, Es, and Hs on the board. Impressive. Watch it here.


Teen’s Replies With Meme to Final Jeopardy! Answer

During the 2016 Teen Tournament on Jeopardy!, a young contestant named Sabrina didn’t know the answer to the Final Jeopardy! clue (the answer was the Great Barrier Reef), so she wrote down, “What are those?” which is of course a reference to one of the greatest videos of the past decade. Hearing Trebek read the answer in his trademark deadpan made it even better.


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