Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Microsoft’s Underwater Data Center Live Broadcast!

In true Microsoft form, the company has a dramatic way of storing its data — inside an underwater datacenter that’s located near the Scottish coast. The datacenter was sunk in June 2018 with a pair of cameras that provide a live view on the structure and the fish that swim around it. Now is seems Microsoft’s underwater data center live broadcast for all to hear!

This data center is part of Project Natick, a study that’s being conducted in order to determine the feasibility of subsea data centers powered by renewable energy. According to Microsoft’s site, Project Natick wants to improve the quality of the Internet for populations that live near large bodies of water, predicting that future demands of the internet will be larger and people will need to have data resources located close to them.

Project Natick’s data centers plan on using green energy, which cause no harm to the water or sea life that surround them. “A Natick datacenter co-located with offshore renewable energy sources could be truly zero emission: no waste products, whether due to the power generation, computers, or human maintainers are emitted into the environment,” states Project Natick’s website.

The live-feed of the center shows nothing crazy and has no purpose besides showing the world some cute fish swimming around a big structure. Occasionally, a large fish will pop up, but that’s pretty much it. For a relaxing and a kind of “wow-technology-is-crazy” experience, check out the live feed on Project Natick’s website.

So when you are bored, you can tune into Microsoft’s underwater data center live broadcast.


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