Sunday, June 23, 2024

Those ‘Minority Report’ Computers Are Cool And About To Unleash Hell

Movies make everything seem possible: superheroes, talking dogs, love. Nowhere is this truer than when film eyes the future with all its possible tech and gadgets. It only seems so cool and simple to use. One of the primary examples: Minority Report and Tom Cruise whipping around a projected computer interface just by using his gloved hands. But according to College Humor, maybe we shouldn’t be so eager to produce and use computers that work that way.

This is of course is an imaginary computer. But the idea that tech takes cues from the sci-fi world is not. As ReCode points out, Minority Report, Ready Player One, and The Matrix frequently serve as references within AR and VR. When Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg created a home AI assistant that could adjust lights and toast bread, he named it after Tony Stark’s AI assistant—Jarvis.

So to all you tech producers and AR/VR kids, um, maybe stop watching so much science fiction? Things don’t work like that in the real world.

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