Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Netflix Queue: 6 Must-Watch Stand-Up Comedy Specials For Weed Lovers

Weed lovers, listen up: It’s no secret that Netflix has been doubling down on stand-up comedy in the past couple of years and they’re only accelerating with recent announcements like the reported $40 million deal that will bring two brand new Chris Rock specials to the streaming video giant.

It’s also no secret that the recipe for a great evening can consist of packing a bowl, melting into your couch, and turning on one of Netflix’s stand-up comedy specials (or four) while laughing to the point of tears. So if you love weed and comedy and are looking for a place to kick off your nightly viewing session, try any of these for a surefire good time.

Joe Rogan “Triggered” (2016)

Length: 1h 3m
Smoking Recommendation: Sativa or Sativa-Dominant Hybrid
“The people making edibles need to slow the f-ck down!”

Live from San Francisco, veteran comedian Joe Rogan comes right out and lets the audience know he’s “high as f-ck” and that’s a good thing for them. The first five minutes of Rogan’s special are a must-see for anyone who has ingested an edible before and there is no way you’ll make it past the initial clip without finishing out the rest of his 2016 special soon thereafter.

Doug Benson “Doug Dynasty” (2014)

Length: 1h
Smoking Recommendation: Indica
“People get confused when I say I’m sober. I’m dedicated to marijuana.”

Doug Benson may be the most well-known among comedy’s stable of pot-smoking joke tellers and for good reason too — “Getting Doug with High” has attracted some of entertainment’s top talent to get stoned with Doug and talk shop. In his 2014 stand-up special “Doug Dynasty,” you get him in true form with eyes at half-mast reading fan tweets, telling pot jokes galore, and offering a whole slew of amazing jokes.

Ralphie May “Unruly” (2015)

Length: 1h 23m
Smoking Recommendation: Indica-Dominant Hybrid
“How did this plane lift off with me being this f-cking high?”

Ralphie May’s unmistakable Southern drawl brings a unique delivery style that will no doubt leaving you heaving with laughter as he discusses the ins and outs of being stoned on a cross-country redeye flight. Smoke a strain that gives you a nice body high to sink into the couch and enjoy Ralphie’s extra-long set.

Chris Porter “Ugly and Angry” (2014)

Length: 1h
Smoking Recommendation: Sativa
“Remember when you told me you didn’t like it when I smell like pot? Well I don’t like when you smell like pickle …”

You may have caught Chris Porter as a finalist of the fourth season of NBC’s “Last Comic Standing,” but his full-length comedy special is a different breed filled with the kinds of expletive-filled diatribes on daily annoyances that anyone can relate to. Plus there’s his affinity for Taco Bell …

Leslie Jones “Problem Child” (2009)

Length: 59m
Smoking Recommendation: Hybrid
“The weed commercials don’t work for me at all — them motherfuckers just make me want to smoke more weed.”

She may be a household name now, but in 2009 Leslie Jones was still four years away from auditioning for “Saturday Night Live.” As you can tell in “Problem Child” though, there’s a reason she was hired for both her writing and performing abilities. The jokes are on-point and her stage persona is as engaging as ever. If you haven’t had the chance to check out her solo stand-up, there’s no better way than lighting up some OG Kush and laughing your ass off.

Tom Segura “Mostly Stories” (2016)

Length: 1h 13m
Smoking Recommendation: Hybrid
“I’m not making fun of you if you’re religious … I think it’s fair to say there’s some times I don’t want to hear about it, you know? Like working out, um, getting high.”

Tom Segura’s aptly titled “Mostly Stories” is the perfect forum for his masterful delivery of hilarious tales dealing with everything from his oddly religious personal trainer to why some people just suck … like the kind of people who bring crying babies into movie theaters. Sit back, relax, and soak in Segura’s latest stand-up special with the assistance of a tasty Lemon Kush or the like.


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