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Oh, Goody! More Ads Are Coming To Instagram

Facebook has plans to increase monetization for Instagram, their most popular app. Here’s what users can expect.

What started off as Facebook’s somewhat loose approach to purchasing Instagram has transformed into one company completely gorging the other. Back when Facebook bought  Instagram in 2012, Mark Zuckerberg made it clear that Instagram developers and workers would continue to drive the ship with their own vision. In 2018, Instagram’s founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger abruptly walked out of their company because of creative differences with Facebook.

Instagram’s slowly changing methodology has taken some time but has hit a point of no return. The increase of ads and focus on shopping is one of the most notorious changes, but the most telling one is the fact that most of the original creatives have been replaced with some of Facebook’s top executives.

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This past Tuesday, Instagram announced a new batch of changes to its advertising strategy, giving more brands the chance to promote original content created by influencers. “One of the biggest requests from brands to date is the ability to incorporate branded content posts into their advertising strategies,” explains Instagram.

The ads will be labeled as “paid partnerships” and will look similarly to the ones that have been appearing in your stories and Instagram feeds. Experts explain that these new types of ads are hoping to take advantage of the influencer boom, which is primed to be one of the largest growing industries of the future.

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Instagram has hundreds of plans for the future. From a better functioning of their IGTV, the introduction of more interactive stories and the development of their close friends feature, it’s an exciting time for fans of the app. And also, for Facebook.


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